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RSS Feed Settings

Feed Settings

In order for your podcast to be fully discoverable and compliant with all of our directory partners that you wish to submit it to, you need to fill in a few important fields that are part of your Feed Settings. You can find this section when you go to your Settings and then navigate to the Directories tab. This section contains all the necessary settings for your audience to find you!

RSS Feed Settings | Podomatic

Public email address
This will be visible in all main directories and search engines and will be used to verify your RSS feed when submitting to directories.
Clean vs explicit content 
Flag the type of content you will be publishing.

Cover Art dimensions
Ideally, the cover art needs to be square with the dimensions of at least 3000 px by 3000 px. If you are unsure about these dimensions, check this box to allow Podomatic to resize the cover art images to the optimized size required. 

iD3 tags
Once the new image is uploaded and saved, Podomatic will immediately attach the artwork to the audio file. Since it's attached to your file via its iD3 tag, if anyone downloads your mp3, they'll see that artwork instead of your show's default art.

Number of episodes to display
In some cases, you might want to limit the episodes available in your RSS feed. That is something you can easily set in your Podomatic account. This setting will limit the number of episodes that are shown in your feed.