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Podcast Settings. What do they mean and what are they for?

Your Podcast Settings are all about adding as much information to your RSS feed as possible so that it is easily found by listeners all over the internet and on platforms like Apple and Spotify. 

Making sure all of the information is here and that it is all accurate is crucial in your podcast’s discoverability and success. You may edit at any time. 

Podcast settings 

Title - This is the name of your podcast. Make it simple, easy to remember, and relevant to your topic. Above that, make it unique. This will help the right people find your podcast. 

Tagline - This is the one phrase or sentence that sums up your show and draws in the audience. For example, “Join us every Wednesday for Expert Cooking Advice by John Doe and Special guests!”

Cover art - This is the main photo/logo of your podcast and the first thing listeners will see when they find you. It’s good to have the title of your show in the cover art. This can always be changed at any time.

Description - This is a short paragraph below your title that shows up when your podcast is found by listeners. Describe your show, its host(s), and what listeners can expect to find regularly on your show. 

Category - This is will be the category that listeners will find your podcast in on directory platforms like Apple and Spotify. Select one that best fits your podcast and that you would like to be found in. 

Tags - Tags are keywords that search engines use to find your podcast. Type in some relevant words that have to do with your podcast. For a cooking show, they could be things like “cooking”, “chef”, “meal ideas” etc.

Language - This is the language your podcast is predominantly spoken in.