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How do I delete files from my storage?

Your Storage is based on the files in your Media Library. The more or the bigger the files in your Media Library, the more storage they use.

Deleting files from your Media Library WILL delete them from the episode they are associated with, whether they are published or not. This action will free up space but will leave published episodes without that media.

Deleting Episodes does NOT delete the media files associated with it from your Media Library. Deleting Episodes will not impact your Storage.

To delete media files from your Media Library
1. Go to your Media Library
2. Locate the file you want to delete by name, published status, or pressing play to preview the file
3. Click the "3 Dots" icon on the right and select "Delete"
4. Confirm you want to Delete the file Manage media files | Podomatic
Podomatic does not save or store your media files in any way other than in your Media Library. If files are removed from your Media Library, we do not have backups or the ability to restore that file.