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How do I get more Plays and Downloads?

Getting more plays and downloads on your podcast is all about getting it in front of as many people as possible. Sharing your podcast and making it available on as many platforms as possible, is how you do that.

Submit to All of our Directory Partners!

Submitting your podcast to all of our directory partners like Spotify, Google, Apple, Amazon, and more, not only makes your podcast available to tens of millions of people around the world, it dramatically increases your Subscriber potential. 


Sharing links to your new episodes with your friends, family, social media followers, and more is crucial. Sharing links to your podcast on popular listening platforms like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and others, also make it easier for people to listen to and find your podcast on their favorite platform. And don’t forget to encourage others to share!

Tell your listeners to Subscribe/Follow!

When listeners Subscribe to or Follow your podcast on their favorite listening app, they are automatically notified when you post a new episode!  This is a great way to start building your core, engaged audience.