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Podcast Stats: What are they and what do they mean?

Plays - A play is counted when someone initiates playback of one of your podcast episodes on PodOmatic, in an embedded player, or on Spotify. 

Mobile Plays - A mobile play is counted when someone clicks the Play button using a mobile device. These are plays occurring on Podomatic via a mobile device.   

Embed Plays - An embed play is counted when someone clicks the Play button on your embed players. These are media players you have embedded into one or several websites.  

Downloads - A download is counted when someone downloads the media file associated with a podcast episode. 
A download can occur by someone clicking the “download” button on one of your episodes or when someone clicks play on one of your episodes on a directory like Apple, Amazon, or others. 

Even though the person is clicking “Play”, the directory will then rapidly download that episode in order to play it back. For this reason, most directory “Plays” are counted as “Downloads”. 

Visits - A visit is like a page view. A visit is counted when someone visits your podcast page or any of your permalink pages.

Follows - A follow is counted when someone Follows you on PodOmatic.

Likes - A like is counted when someone clicks the "Like" button while listening to one of your podcast episodes on PodOmatic.

Playlists - A playlist is counted any time someone adds one of your podcast episodes to a playlist on PodOmatc.

Comments - A comment is counted when someone leaves a comment on one of your podcast episodes on our website or using our listening app.

Podcast Performance table
  • Use Date Range Selector to see the data from that time period. 
  • Plays and Downloads for that time period are displayed in the first graph.
  • The All Data tab displays all metrics we collected during that time period.
Episode Breakdown
  • The Episode Breakdown will show you the performance of each episode for the time period you selected at the top of the page. 
  • You can export the Episode Breakdown as a CSV for more a more detailed look. 
Please note! All Directory, Geo, Device, App, and Embedded stats are gathered only when those attributes are available. Those attributes are sometimes missing from a listener's data if they use a VPN, maintain certain browser and cookie settings, privacy settings,  or other forms of encrypting data.
All Play, Download, Visit, Like, Follow, and Comment numbers for each date, episode, and totals are reported in full and are not subject to attribute limitations.

Your Listeners
  • The Your Listeners graph displays where the Plays and Downloads of your podcast are coming from. This will show you which Countries are listening to your podcast.
  • You may also zoom in on a Country to find which Cities are playing your podcast. 
Directories, Apps, and Devices
  • The Directories Graph displays Total Plays and Downloads your podcast had on Spotify, Apple, and Google. This graph adheres to the date range set at the top. 
  • All Directories chart gives a more detailed look at which directories your media requests are coming from and what percentage of your total that makes up. 
  • Listening Plaforms chart allows you to toggle between Apps and Devices. Apps will show you which apps your listeners are using the most and Devices will tell you if they use a mobile device, tablet, smartspeaker, and so much more! 
New Followers
  • This is the number of Podomatic users that began following your podcast on our website within the set date range. This does not reflect or include the number of followers your podcast has on other platforms or directories.
New Comments
  • This is the number of Comments Podomatic users left on your episodes within the set date range. 
Embedded Player Views 
  • This refers to the number of times your embed player was loaded/viewed on a website.