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My Quota is full

Your Storage and Bandwidth Quota determines how many episodes (or media data) you can upload to your media library and publish, and how many times that media can be played or downloaded each month. 

Your Storage is based on the files in your Media Library. The more files you have or the bigger the files are, the less storage you’ll have until your quota is full. This does not reset each month but is upgradable to the point of being Unlimited. We also highly recommended keeping file sizes under 1GB. 

Your Bandwidth determines how many times your episodes may be played or downloaded. This is reset each month. If you have an unusually successful episode, you may see your bandwidth max out before the end of the month. You’ll need to upgrade or wait for it to reset before others can listen to any more of your content. Bandwidth quotas usually reset on time, but they can take up to 24 additional hours to take effect. If you've been waiting over 24 hours, please let us know with an email to