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My Promo Code isn't working

If you're lucky enough to have received a Promo Code or you are redeeming a purchase made on another site via a Promo Code, it's highly unlikely that the promo code is expired, invalid, or broken. 

When using a Promo Code at Checkout, make sure you check the following: 

  • You have the correct plan selected at checkout
  • You have the correct code
  • Your purchase is an Upgrade. Meaning you're not purchasing the same or lessor plan.
  • The plan selected is Yearly
  • Your browsers cache and cookies have been cleared recently

Note: All Promo Codes are for Annual Upgrades only. Promo codes do not work for Monthly Plans, Renewals, or Downgrades.

If you are still having trouble redeeming your Promo Code, please reach out right away to our Support Team by clicking the blue "Chat" icon on the bottom right of your screen or emailing us at