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My episode won't upload/publish

There are many reasons why a podcast episode may not upload or publish correctly. The fastest way for us to find a solution is to rule out your environmental factors like: 

  • Internet speed/stability
  • Incorrect file type/size
  • browser cache and cookies not cleared recently
  • browser is not up to date  
  • Storage is full 
If you've checked confirmed that all of those factors are working properly and in a correct and stable condition for you, then please reach out to our Support Team using the Blue Chat box on your Manage page or email us at 

If your environmental factors are sound and you are still unable to upload media, you may have encountered a rare bug in our system. Reporting this right away not only helps solve the issue for you faster, but it also helps us tremendously with preventing it from affecting even more podcasters. 

We rely on our podcasters every day for feedback on our site, tools, and ways we can improve your podcasting experience. Please reach out anytime!