How to Submit Your Podcast to Audacy

Submitting your podcast to Audacy allows your audience and all Audacy users to easily find and listen to your podcast.
Podomatic allows you to submit your podcast with just one click!
As soon as your podcast meets the system requirements such as, filling out your show information and publishing your first episode, you simply click the submit button in your settings and your podcast will appear on Audacy.

Before You Submit

Audacy's system takes images, show descriptions, episode titles and descriptions from your podcast aggregator, or your hosted feed. Your podcast must include accurate and relevant metadata to be featured in Audacy's catalog and searched.

Mandatory metadata:

  • Podcast title
  • Author
  • Copyright
  • Category/Genre
  • Language
  • Country
  • Episode title
  • Explicit / Not explicit

Audacy Technical Specifications

  • RSS feed address
  • Bitrate quality: 128 kbps (recommended)
  • File format: MP3, flac & wav (M4A is not recommended. If onepisode has this format your podcast may be disabled)
  • Artwork: upload a square cover image, PNG, 1400x1400 pixels

Submit to Amazon Music

  1. Select the “Settings” option from the “Manage” tab on youri home screen.
  2. Select the “Directories” tab
  3. Click “Submit to Amazon Music” button
After you submit under the Directories tab in your Podcast Settings page, your podcast should be available in the Audacy directory in less than 24 hours if your podcast has been approved.