How to start a free podcast

Create, Record, Distribute and Monetize a Free Podcast

Starting a podcast is Free and Easy on Podomatic; No microphone and No equipment necessary.

Simply Sign up, Record your first episode using our Desktop Browser Recorder or your mobile device, and Publish to the world. It really is that easy to get your voice and your message to millions of listeners.

Once you’ve started your podcast and published your first episode on Podomatic, you’re instantly eligible to submit your podcast to every major streaming platform for free .

Our partners include Spotify, Apple, iHeartRadio, Amazon, PlayerFM, Audacy, Google, Deezer and More. Submitting your podcast to all of our partners instantly makes your podcast available to an audience of over 500 Million Unique Listeners Worldwide. Continue to increase your podcast reach by submitting to each directory we add in the future.

As your podcast grows you’ll be able to monetize your podcast easily with advertising, donations and merchandise. Popcorn quickly finds podcasts of all sizes, the perfect sponsor, making the ads you run relevant to your audience while you are in full control of the whens, hows, wheres, whats, and even how much you charge per ad. Custom podcast advertising is crucial to growth and maintaining your core audience. Podomatic is always adding new ways for your podcast to make money.



  1. Sign up with your email, Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts
  2. Fill out your podcast details ie. Title, description, cover art, etc
  3. Record your episode or trailer (a 3-5min trailer is a great way to announce your show is coming)
  4. Click publish! You're now a published podcaster!
  5. Submit your podcast to Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Google, Audacy and more, for free
  6. Get ready for your next episode

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