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How do I use Podcorn to get advertising sponsors?

Podcorn links you with advertisers who know, a small engaged audience is just as valuable as a large one. 

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  1. Go to your Monetization tab
  2. Click "Get Started" on Podcorn
  3. Create an account on Podcorn
  4. Add your Podcorn prefix to your RSS feed in your Monetization tab
  5. Get paired with a Sponsor!

Using the Sponsorships tab

  1. Go to your Manage page
  2. Click "Sponsorships" on the left side of your screen
  3. Approve and Install the Podcorn prefix
      4. Create a Podcorn account with your RSS feed
      5. See which Sponsors are available for your podcast
       6. Send your proposals 

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to learn more about using Podcorn and finding Sponsors!