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Apple Podcasts Subscriptions | Publish exclusive content for Apple Subscribers

Publish Exclusive Content in Apple Podcasts Connect

If you participate in the Apple Podcasters Program you can submit subscriber audio through Apple Podcasts Connect. You can save your episode at any time and come back later to finish adding show details or audio content.

  1. From Apple Podcasts Connect, select the show you’re adding an episode to
  2. Click the Add (+) button.
  3. Enter a name for your episode.
  4. Add all relevant metadata:
    • Name: An episode title. You can enter up to 150 characters.
    • Description: One or more sentences describing your episode to potential listeners. You can enter up to 4000 characters. Use rich text formatting and HTML tags such as <p>,  <ol>, <ul>, <li>, and <a>.
    • Episode Type: Indicates whether it’s a full, bonus, or trailer episode. 
    • Original Release Date: The date and time when an episode was originally released. This field doesn’t manage the availability of the episode, only the sort order of your episodes on Apple Podcasts.
    • Explicit Content: Indicate the presence of explicit content. Apple Podcasts will display an explicit content warning for your episode.
    • Season Number: The episode season number.
    • Episode Number: Episode numbers are optional and encouraged for episodic shows but mandatory for serial shows. Decimals are not supported.
    • Episode Website: A website for your episode.
  5. In Audio, select Add Subscriber Audio.
  6. Select when you want to make the episode available on Apple Podcasts. Episodes become available at midnight in the time zone of the user who sets up the episode availability.
  7. Choose whether the episode should be restricted to paid subscribers for a range of time or always restricted, or if it should be available to everyone.
  8. Choose an audio file to upload and click Save. Your audio file must meet our requirements and pass our validations.
  9. Click Publish.