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Podomatic Share features

Share tab

Podcast Link
Your Podcast Link is the URL to your main Podomatic podcast page. Your podcast page contains your show art, show description, and all of your episodes in order. Use this link to direct people to view your entire podcast. 

Episode Link
Your Episode Link is the URL to a specific episode on Podomatic. An Episode page contains your show art, the description of the episode, and a media player. Use this link to direct people to view one specific episode of your podcast.

Embed players
Our embed players and embed codes are compatible with any website you may own or manage. You can adjust the size/layout of the player itself to match the page you will be using it on. A preview of your selection is available at the bottom of the page. When you are happy with the preview, simply copy and paste the code provided into your web page.
Podomatic embed players
My Podcast Playlist
This embedded player displays, and allows people to play, all of your podcast episodes in order. Select this option and copy and paste the code into your website if you would like all of your episodes to be available in the embedded player. Newly published episodes will automatically become available in this player wherever it is posted. 

Single Episode
This embedded player displays and plays one episode of your podcast. Use this player if you would like only one specific episode to be embedded into a web page. 

This embedded player organizes and makes podcast episodes available from other podcasters you have listened to and added to a playlist. You may make a playlist out of your own episodes as well if you wish to feature just those episodes on a certain web page. 

Episode “Share” button 

Your podcast episodes are all listed on your main “Manage” page. Each episode has a “Share” button next to the “view” and “edit” options. 
Podomatic episode share button
Clicking the “Share” button gives you 3 options of how to share that episode, Twitter, Facebook, or Headliner. 
Podomatic share options
Sharing on Twitter and Facebook will automatically generate a post with a link to that episode. You can edit the post before publishing or publish it as is. 

Sharing via Headliner will automatically import that episode into Headliner where you can create a custom video clip of that episode to share anywhere that video is supported.